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Our sister company Your e Solutions Ltd is currently selling the 'generic' domain names listed below. The domains have been listed with Sedo who are the global market leaders for buying and selling domain names and websites.

The advantages of investing in a generic domain include:

  1. Easier to remember: Shorter, catchier domain names will keep visitors coming back to your site.
  2. Better Brand Image: Certain domains—such as single-word domains, short two and three-letter domains, generic keyword domains, and .com domains—automatically convey an image of prestige and added credibility. Users are much more likely to place an order with a site named, for example, shoes.com, than one named cheapshoes4u.net. Successful Internet companies know this, and many purchase multiple generic domains to complement their brand names. For example, take a look at who's using quality generic domains such as pc.com, books.com, computers.com or loans.com.
  3. Improved Search Engine Ranking: Domain names that contain search engine keywords are more likely to gain top search engine rankings for those keywords. Try it yourself: Search a keyword on Google and see how many of the top results contain that keyword as part of the domain name.
  4. Traffic Generating: Despite the growth of search engines, a surprising number of people still "search" by typing in what they're looking for and putting a .com or .co.uk on the end. Thus, many generic domain names receive hundreds or even thousands of visitors per day, perfectly targeted according to keyword. What is the value of this much targeted traffic to your business?
  5. Investment Potential: A Premium Domain name is an asset that your business invests in and can later resell for a profit. Domain valuations are currently at their lowest point in years, so purchasing now can be a smart investment decision for your business.

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If you require more information on domain names or would like more assistance in selecting a domain name call FREEPHONE 0800 0345 375 or e-mail the sales team on sales@first-business-systems.co.uk.

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