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Actinic offers a range of award-winning and affordable ecommerce packages to make it easy to build and manage your online store and process orders.

Actinic products combine ease of use and flexibility with security and reliability and have enabled tens of thousands of businesses across a wide range of sectors to successfully sell online.

Get online quickly and easily

All Actinic products are designed to get you up and running quickly, easily and cost effectively.

Range of product options

From Actinic Catalog and the range of Actinic Business solutions to the highly scalable Actinic Enterprise you can choose a product to start with that provides the features you need for the required budget. And as your needs grow, you can easily upgrade to a more powerful system.

Successful online stores

With Actinic you gain access to the features necessary to manage a successful online store. Powerful marketing, merchandising and search engine optimisation functionality provide more than enough to handle the needs of a modern internet business.

Complete solutions

With a complete range of product options you have everything you need to get started. We can also provide the web space for your site and an online payment processing service. And there are comprehensive support options available for expert help if you need it.

Actinic Catalog 499 + VAT

Provides everything you need to build and manage an online store from a single PC, giving you complete ownership and control. Powered by a familiar Windows interface, Actinic Catalog handles every aspect of running a business web site, from web page creation and catalogue management to order processing and reporting.

Actinic Business 899 + VAT

Provides a powerful ecommerce package for businesses requiring increased efficiency and sophistication for their online and offline business operations. Building on the comprehensive features in Actinic Catalog, Actinic Business provides additional facilities for mail and telephone order (MOTO) processing plus synchronisation with Actinic EPOS systems. It also offers sophisticated merchandising and order processing features and an integration with Sage 50 Accounts.

Actinic Business Plus From 1,399 + VAT

Extends the capabilities of Actinic Business for companies requiring multi-site management and multi-user operation. Actinic Business Plus enables multiple web sites to be built and managed with a single licence and multi-user capability, so that up to 4 multiple users can process orders and update the catalogue simultaneously.

Actinic Enterprise From 4,000 + VAT

Provides enhanced performance for businesses that handle large order volumes; sell through multiple channels or require multi-user access for order processing and catalogue maintenance. Based on the high performance Microsoft SQL database, Actinic Enterprise is designed for successful online and multi-channel businesses that need a scaleable package with room for future growth.

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If you require more information on an Actinic e-commerce product or would like more assistance in selecting the product most suited to your needs call FREEPHONE 0800 0345 375 or email the sales team on sales@first-business-systems.co.uk.

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